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The company was founded to satisfy the requirements coming from the field of building and construction but, since its start-up, its mission is to supply to the Client high-quality products and an effective service.
In a marketplace more and more complex because of the increasing requirements and the competitors' price-based strategies, our company decided to specialize its offer by realizing alternative finishes, guaranteeing flexibility, efficient customer care, craftsmanship and high-quality products, organisation as its force points.
Professionalism and reliability are the skills that made possible for our company to become part of the organization of many of the most complex and stimulationg clients in various fields; by searching special-effects finishes and constantly analyzing all the market trends, everyday we can transform every our product into a "value added" for our Clients.

Currently Ossida is:

  1. 12.000 sq.m. of covered surface;
  2. 2 production departments, with a total amount of 83 tanks;
  3. 70 co-workers;
  4. 6 tanks for the anodic oxidation, total amount : 56.000 ampère;
  5. chemical brighning up to 4,400 mm lenght.