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Our certifications

  • Certificazione Qualanod
    Certificazione Qualanod
  • Certificazione ISO 14001
    Certificazione ISO 14001

Ossida Srl is a certified Company

Ossida dictates and mantains severe controls, included periodic environmental evaluations, to assure the performance of this politics.

Qualanod Certification

Ossida works following the technical specification for architectural applications established by QUALANOD. EURAS-EWAA QUALANOD License no. 719, 10.06.1991.

ISO 14001 Certification

The adoption of an Environmental Management System according to the ISO 14001 norms, as evidence of License no. 4442, 25.02.2002, is to:

  • respect the limits dictated by the current Law and applied to each product, process and service;
  • gradually reduct the environmental impact by organizing a responsible management of the raw materials and energy flows (with particular dedication to the cycle of waters);
  • raise the company staff and its collaborators' awareness about environmental thematics, giving to the suppliers all the appropriate stimula for the adoption of an environmental management system;
  • inform, involve and protect from possible environmental risks the local communities.