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Finishes and Metal Effects

Ossida improves its presence on the market with a modern, automated plant for chemical brightening, chemical polishing, oxidation and electro-coloring (organic and inorganic) which, with its 50 tanks, is able to treat small parts and profiles up to 4500 mm in length. The plant has a production capacity of 25 tons per day and colours ranging from silver and steel to nickel and brass, with satin, half-satin and gloss effects.
Here we present just some of the colors that you can choose.

To directly appreciate the range available, you can request the sample finishes catalogue by sending a request from the Contact Us page or by calling +39 0421 67200.

  • Chemical satin, silver color

  • Steel satin, silver color

  • «Opaque steel satin» effect

  • «Half-bright titanium» effect

  • Bright silver

  • «Brass» effect

  • «Wengé» effect

  • «Bright steel» effect

  • «Bright satin titanium» and
    «Bright titanium» effects

  • «Satin chrome» effect

  • «Bright chrome» effect

  • Bright satin-finished in scotch brite,
    silver color