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Depuration Systems

In order to protect the environment, Ossida has adopted the best technologies available in the market.

System of suction and reduction of the dust produced in the Polishing process

  • The two-pallet polishing machines used for polishing aluminum are both connected to a system of suction and reduction of the dust produced during the process itself.
  • System of suction and dust reduction
    System of suction and dust reduction

System of suction and fume reduction used in the brightening process

  • L'impianto prevede una cappa chiusa di aspirazione posta sopra la vasca di Brillantatura da cui i fumi vengono convogliati tramite un tubo collettore attraverso una prima torre di abbattimento che lava e neutralizza i fumi acidi.

    Da questa torre, come ulteriore misura di sicurezza, l´aspiratore generale provvede ad inviare i fumi in una seconda torre, al fine di garantire un totale abbattimento prima dell´emissione in atmosfera.

    I fumi, prima di essere emessi in atmosfera tramite un camino, passano attraverso appositi separatori di gocce. Le torri di abbattimento, in caso di malfunzionamento di una delle due, possono funzionare singolarmente garantendo comunque un completo abbattimento delle emissioni.

    This plant consists of a suction hood placed above the immersion tank: the fumes are, then, conveyed through a manifold to a tower scrubber, where acid fumes are “washed” and neutralized.

    From this tower, as a further safety measure, the central suction fan conveys the fumes to another tower in order to assure that they are neutralized before their emission into the atmosphere. Before being released into the atmosphere through a chimney, the fumes go through a series of drop separators. If one of the scrubber towers does not work properly, the other one is sufficient to guarantee that emissions are neutralized completely.
  • The tower for the suction process
    The tower for the suction process

    The tower for the suction process
    The tower for the suction process

System of suction of fumes containing alkaline and acid pollutants

  • The suction system has been designed with the purpose of maintaining the concentration of pollutants well below the limit established by the law, both inside the plant and in the atmosphere. A suction hood is placed above all the tanks which produce fumes.
    The fumes in the suction hoods are conveyed to a manifold placed above the tanks. The pipe line reaches, then, a rectangular manifold which is connected to a pair of suction fans. Acid and alkaline fumes neutralize each other in the manifold, before being conveyed to the suction fans and, released into the atmosphere.
    Another hood, placed on the bridge crane, sucks the fumes produced during the glazing process, when the treated material is transferred from one tank to the other.
  • The scrubber tower
    The scrubber tower

System for the collection of waste water

  • Water discharges produced in the process of rinsing are conveyed to the purification plant and they are purified by means of flocculation. The purification process is constantly monitored and corrected automatically.
  • The purification plant
    The purification plant

    The control board
    The control board

Water recycling system "zero discharge"

  • The brightening Department is also provided with a two-phase Evaporator/Concentrator which forms a closed-circuit system.
    Thanks to this evaporation process, there is “zero discharge” into the atmosphere and salts and raw materials may be recycled; waste water comes from the brightening process and from gloss solution.
  • The evaporator/concentrator
    The evaporator/concentrator

Uninterruptible power supply

  • This gas oil-operated system guarantees the good functioning of the scrubber towers, which neutralize the fumes produced in the Buffing process, and of the alkaline and acid fume scrubbers.
  • The uninterruptible power supply
    The uninterruptible power supply