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An industrial truth in the heart of the Veneto

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    Foto aerea di Ossida Srl
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    Laguna di Venezia
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    Venezia: bacino di San Marco

Environmental Policy

Since 1968, when Ossida s.r.l. was founded, our company has developed an increasing interest in environmental issues, an interest which is especially related to the cultural values shared by our whole community.

The plants of Ossida s.r.l are located in the industrial area of Fossalta di Piave. This area, in the northern part of the province of Venice, close to the mouth of the river Piave, is characterized, from a geological point of view, by alluvial, rather permeable soils.
This area is mainly dedicated to agriculture; a significant development of industry has taken place quite recently.

At Ossida, we acknowledge that environmental protection is an essential condition for the development of an industrial system within a social context. For this reason, we have committed ourselves to use adequate means for the prevention of the pollution created by our production activities and for the progressive improvement of our environmental performance.
Environmental laws provide for a complex set of obligations which require careful management and monitoring, as regards both technical and more general organizational aspects. It is necessary not only to comply with the law, but also to use environmental protection as a competitive advantage.
This is possible if environmental issues are acknowledged by the whole company not as a threat but as an opportunity of improvement.

It is necessary, therefore, that environmental issues should become an integral part of the company’s policy. In order to reach this purpose, it is essential to involve all the people who work for the company or on its behalf, instead of limiting the management of environmental issues to those departments which usually deal with it.
This process requires long-term measures which will allow to achieve the aim of a progressive improvement of environmental performances. In order to comply with environmental laws, to constantly improve environmental performances, to single out the roles and responsibilities within the company’s organization, to hold a record of the activities carried out and provided for by the law, the management of Ossida S.r.l. has decided to establish an environmental policy and to adopt an environmental management system (EMS).