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Factory Floor

Ossida Srl is divided into two big production areas which cover a total surface of 6,500 square meters.
The first production area, which was founded in 1968, is subdivided in 4 departments: storage, assembly, oxidation and packaging.
The second production area, the Buffing Department, which will start running in 2006, is divided into 3 departments: storage, assembly and oxidation.

Oxidation Department

The warehouse covers a surface of 500 m².
The oxidation department covers 500 m² and it is provided with 30 immersion tanks. Anodic oxidation is not the only available process: chemical glazing, inorganic dyeing and electrolytic dyeing are also possible.
The assembly department covers 200 m².
The packaging department is 250 m².

Brightening Department

The warehouse covers a surface of 1,000 m²; the oxidation department is 1,500 m² and it is provided with 50 immersion tanks which are operated automatically.
Besides anodic oxidation, Chemical brightening, Chemical Glazing, Inorganic Dyeing, Organic Dyeing and Electrolytic Dyeing are also available.
The assembly department covers 700 m² and it is provided with modern hook systems for workpieces of every shape and dimension. The transit of lifting devices from the oxidation department to the assembly department and vice versa is completely automatic, thanks to a system of conveyers.